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This site and its services have been made available to the public for free. While it's awesome, it took a lot of work to make it
happen. We are proud of what we've accomplished so far. Check out our 2018 stats below!

In order for Duck Proxy to remain free and available to everyone, please make a donation to help us maintain
and continue to develop new products and services. Cryptocurrencies are welcome.
Please send your donations to the following addresses:

ETH: 0xFa504D061d29F43db6661a47eB1629160aaaa99f
BTC: 39U61Gk9zW9qxwRvRTjbaQ7usN2ZcADZdX
XRP: rKwugz1F9CT8V1brwMzRjhiLBsy1ZQf7Fr
LTC: MUqfLPUHf8zY5v6TW43QZBx8215aFFUw31

You can also make your donations to us via PayPal to the address below. A large donation will get you recognized, thanked or get you free advertising (anything you want; as long as it's appropriate) on our front page ticker for a month!
Thanks for your support!

Duck Proxy 2018 Stats!

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